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Hi Everyone!

Two things:

1) If you are someone interested in receiving support in the aftermath of an affair and having trouble registering on this site, please feel free to email me HERE.  I have had to turn off auto-registrations due to the overwhelming number of spammers creating fake accounts.

2) The new forum (since closed) has been up and running for around 9 months now. I am wondering if it makes sense to keep it going when the renewals come up. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to put into marketing the forum so it ranks well in searches when people are looking for help/resources. As more of our old forum members move past needing the same level of support/interaction, they are rarely posting. And since we aren't attracting new people, the site is stagnant. At this point the only people I think I am helping are spammers looking for a place to register fake accounts.

I REALLY want to use my experiences to help others who find themselves on this painful path, but I fear that my lack of time to blog and market the site is dooming it to not be the resource I had hoped it to be. Feel free to post your thoughts about whether I should try to keep it up for another year or reach out to me via direct message.


The Betrayed Spouse (BS)

This area is meant for Betrayed Spouses (BS) to discuss various topics related to their experience in the aftermath of an affair. Wayward Spouses (WS) and Affair Partners (AP) are welcome to contribute from a place of compassionate honesty.
The Betrayed Spouse (BS)

Your Story

Share your story here! Other members can refer to it when seeking to understand your situation better, in an effort to help answer your posts.


I Suspect an Affair

Discussions related to having suspicion regarding a partner's unfaithfulness.


I Just Found Out

Discussions regarding the recent revelations of a partner's unfaithfulness.


What Happens Next?

Discussions regarding the confusion and the choices that must be considered in the aftermath of an affair.



Why Did This Happen, What I Need to Know & Boundaries

Discussions regarding many of the key topics that weigh heavily on Betrayed Spouses' minds after the revelation of a partner's affair. Why did this happen? What do I need to know to make decisions about my future? How can I create healthy boundaries?


Reconciliation & Rebuilding Our Marriage

Discussion regarding all elements of reconciliation - whether it is the most appropriate choice for you, what to look for, resources, and suggestions from those who have already walked this path, or are currently.


Separation and Divorce

Discussions surrounding the choice to seek a separation or divorce.


Survival Strategies

Discussions relating to methods, tools, and concepts that may help members move through the pain and anguish to healing and ultimately, to allow them to thrive once again.